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Soyfoods Glossary

Baked Tofu-A delicious form of precooked and ready to eat tofu that can be sliced and added to salads and sandwiches right from the package. Baked tofu vailable in several styles, Savory Baked Tofu , Five Spice Baked Tofu, Hickory Smoked Tofu, and Teriyaki Baked Tofu. These versatile products have a flavor reminiscent of smoked meats or roast duck and function well as quick high protein additions to stir fry and baked dishes. They are available at health food stores nationwide in brands such as: The Soy Deli or Tree Of Life among others.

Boca Burger Basics-This ready to use ground beef alternative in 12 oz. packages is found in the freezer sectionof health food stores and supermarkets, nationwide. Loose Meat applications. Bragg Liquid Aminos-A mineral-rich liquid seasoning made from soybeans with 420 mg. of soy protein per 1/2 teaspoon and many essential amino and non-essential amino acids. This tasty flavoring is not fermented but can be used in the same way as soy sauce, Available in health food stores nationwide from Live Food Products.

Dressings made with soy-There are some terrific salad dressings on the market that are made using tofu, miso or shoyu. My favorites are sold under the brand names Nasoya, and Simply Delicious. They are available in health food stores, nationwide.

Firm Nigari Tofu-A very firmly pressed tofu with a dense texture that is lower in fat than traditional water packed tofu (3 grams per 4 oz.) and sold in vacuum packaging. Vacuum packed tofu will keep unopened in the refrigerator for up to 2 months. Once opened, it should be used in a few days. Made from organic soybeans and sold under The Soy Deli brand name, this tofu has a subtle sweetness and handles well because of it's firm texture. In health food stores and some supermarkets.

Gimme Lean-This wholesome meat alternative is available in sausage and ground beef style, and sold in the freezer section of health food stores, some supermarkets, and specialty stores nationwide. This easy to use product is exceedingly authentic in flavor, texture, and appearance, and holds together very well when making patties, œmeatballs, or loaves. Made by Lightlife .

Green Vegetable Soybeans, (Edamame`)-Green vegetable soybeans are available in the pod, usually frozen, in health food stores, Asian markets, and many supermarkets. These are green or immature soybeans which are harvested at about 80% maturity. Green vegetable soybeans are quite flavorful and have none of the strongerbeany taste associated with mature beans. They make a delicious addition to an appetizer buffet or a nutritious snack.

  • Sweet Beans- Green Vegetable Soybeans, without the pod that make a hearty addition to vegetable stir fry or medly dishes. Sold frozen in one pound packages in health food stores and ssome supermarkets, nationwide.

Ground Beef Alternatives- There are several soy products such as: Boca Burger Basics, Yves Ground Round, and Ready Ground Tofu that are fat free, and ready to use. Some manufacturers offer pre seasoned varieties like Italian, or Savory. This type of analog can be used in anyloose meat type application. Available at health food stores and many supermarkets, nationwide.

Lean Links Italian-Low fat vegetarian Sausage link product from Litelife Foods, Inc. that duplicates the appearance, taste and texture of Italian Sausage. Available at Health food stores and some supermarkets, and specialty stores, nationwide.

Lite Silken Tofu-A very low fat tofu, (1 gram of fat per 3 ounces) lite silken tofu has a rich tasting smooth, creamy texture and a custard like consistency. It is widely available in aseptic packages in supermarkets and health food stores nationwide as Mori Nu Silken Tofu Lite. Because of it's aseptic packaging, this is the only tofu that can be eaten right from the box. It is a time saving ingredient when making dips, spreads, and dressings, because it need not be precooked. It's creamy versatility makes it an excellent substitute for eggs and dairy products in baked goods and cream sauces. To measure lite silken tofu by volume, spoon tofu into a liquid measuring cup and stir down with a fork. Widely available in supermarkets and health foodstores from morinaga nutritional Foods, Inc.

Miso-This savory, fermented soybean paste has a consistency somewhat like peanut butter, and may be aged for several years. A mainstay of Japanese cuisine for centuries, miso is a living natural food rich in enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Miso should be stored in the refrigerator, where it will keep for several months. Easily digested and highly nutritious, miso adds depth of flavor to soups, sauces, marinades, dips, salad dressings and main dishes. Available in Japanese markets and health food stores, from Cold Mountain, and Westbrae Foods, among others.

  • Barley Miso, Country Barley Miso-Reddish brown in color, with a chunky texture and rich flavor. This is the flavor of miso that is strongly preferred by the American macrobiotic community. Mellow Barley Miso is similar in color to, but is not as creamy as Mellow White Miso.
  • Hatcho Miso-This richly flavored miso is a dark cocoa brown with slight overtones of chocolate. Unlike other miso that is fermented with grain, hatcho is made with soybeans only.
  • Mellow White Miso-Pale beige in color with a subtle, sweet fragrance this highly versatile miso has a rich, creamy, texture. It's sweet fragrance and natural flavor make it a wonderful addition to sauces, fillings, dips, and dressings.

Nayonaise-The brand name for the tofu based mayonnaise I always use in place of traditionally prepared mayonnaise. Made by Nasoya, this tasty, wholesome alternative contains no eggs and therefore no cholesterol, and is also much lower in fat.

Soymage parmesan cheese alternative-Vegan grated parmesan cheese this is the best tasting dairy free cheese product on the market. Soyco is a division of Soymage/Galaxy Foods. The Soymage product line is low fat or fat free, cholesterol free, lactose free, all natural and 100% dairy free.

Soymage sour cream-A Vegan Sour Cream that can be use in any recipe calling for sour cream.

Soymage Cream Cheese-A Vegan Cream Cheese that is used in recipes to add the unique texture associated with cream cheese.

Soymage Cream Cheese-Vegan Cream Cheese that is used in recipes to add the unique texture associated with cream cheese.

Soybeans, dried-This delicious legume is presoaked before being cooked for several hours. Once precooked, soybeans are a delicious ingredient ready to be used in many recipes. You can find dried soybeans in bulk in health food stores. Arrowhead Mills Organic Soybeans are sold in one pound packages in health food stores, and supermarkets, nationwide.

Soy Grits- Sometimes called Soya Granules, they are whole soybeans which have been lightly toasted, and cracked into small pieces. They are great for boosting nutrition, while adding texture and consistency to baked goods. Soy grits are to be added to recipes uncooked. Red Mill Soy Grits and Fearn Soya Granules are available in health food stores, nationwide.

Soynuts-These roasted, crunchy snacks are similar to peanuts and can be found in many grocery stores. See pp. 00 for a quick and easy way to make homemade soynuts which are invariably fresher and tastier than the store bought variety.

Soy Flour-A finely ground flour made from soybeans which is very high in protein (35%--twice that of wheat flour) and low in carbohydrates. Generally mixed with other flours, especially in baking, as it contains no gluten. Soy flour may also be used to bind sauces and replace eggs in baked goods. Soy flour is available in packages from Bob's Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills, in health food stores and some supermarket, nationwide.

Soymilk-A non-dairy beverage made by extracting the liquid from cooked soybeans. Soy milk is a dairy free and cholesterol free alternative that is low in fat and sodium. Substitute for cows milk in any recipe 1:1. Widely available In heath food stores and supermarkets, nationwide.

Soymilk 1 % fat-Aseptically packaged, 1% fat soymilk is available from Pacific Foods, Westbrae Natural Foods, and several other manufacturers. Pacific Enriched Soymilk : 110 calories and 240mg. calcium pr. 1 cup svg. Each contains 2.5 gr. fat pr 8 oz. serving. Pacific Select Soymilk: 110 calories and 35mg. isoflavones pr. 8 oz. svg. Widely available in supermarkets and health food stores across the country, I use the 1% fat enriched varieties of soymilk in cooking and baking.

Soymilk Silk-Vanilla & Chocolate Silk-This delicious soymilk made by White Wave and is a smooth and creamy dairy free beverage that is widely available in the refrigerated case alongside dairy milk at health food stores and supermarkets. 108 calories and 2.5 gr. fat per 1 cup serving

Soyrizo Vegetarian Chorizo-Plant based version of the highly seasoned pork sausage, widely used in Mexican and Spanish cooking. Remove the casing and crumble before browning in a small amount of olive oil.

Soy Sauce-A generic term for the dark salty sauce made by fermenting boiled soybeans and roasted wheat or barley.

  • Shoyu-A naturally brewed, high quality soy sauce. Processed in the traditional Japanese way, it is aged 2 to 3 years without coloring, additives or preservatives. Shoyu is true soy sauce and is available in either Asian markets or health food stores, nationwide.
  • Tamari-A wheat-free, natural soy sauce, tamari has a mellow flavor, slightly stronger than shoyu. Tamari is available in health food stores, Asian markets, and some supermarkets nationwide. Imported tamari is far superior to the domestically produced variety and is well worth the higher price, as it's darker, richer flavor will go farther. Tree of Life tamari is organic and is available nationwide in health food stores.

Tempeh-(tem-pay)-Fermented from whole soybeans, tempeh is an easily digestible, live, cultured food. It has a chewy texture and a distinctive nutty flavor, contains more protein than tofu and is the best known source of vitamin B-12 for strict vegetarians. Because tempeh is made from the whole bean, it is richer in flavor and nutrients than tofu. Tempeh can be found in the refrigerator or freezer section of health food stores in both prepared forms like tempeh burgers or as the cultured soyfood ingredient used in the many recipes in this collection. Tempeh is available across the country under the brand names,Turtle Island Foods, White Wave, Pacific Tempeh, Lightlife, and Soy Power, among others.

Textured Vegetable Protein-(TVP )-Made from defatted soy flour, once rehydrated, TVP (trademark of the Archer Daniels Midland Corp.) is a very credible meat substitute. Available in a variety of styles including ground, chunk, and strip beef or chicken styles. TVP is used in the unflavored variety only, in More Soy Cooking. Because of it's very low fat content, unprepared TVP has an extended shelf life. A wide selection of this extremely economical, high protein food source is available through the The Mail Order Catalog. As a rule, TVP sold in health food stores only in the flavored, ground beef style.

Tofu-Soybean curd made from coagulating soy milk with nigari (seaweed) or calcium chloride, in much the same way cheese is made from milk. High in protein, very low in saturated fats and cholesterol free, tofu's blandness and ability to absorb flavors make it a very versatile ingredient.

Yves Veggie Canadian Bacon-Yves Veggie Bacon is a very authentic wholesome alternative, very close to Canadian bacon or ham in both appearance, aroma, and flavor. It is made with soy protein and wheat gluten and can be enjoyed right out of the package in sandwiches or salads. It is a delicious ingredient in stir fry and baked dishes, adding protein, and carbohydrates and very little fat.

Yves Veggie Ground Round-A very authentic ground beef alternative that is found in the refrigerator section of heath food stores and some supermarkets, nationwide. Available in original and Italian styles.

Yves Veggie Pepperoni-Pre-sliced soy product. A very popular meat analog with an authentic appearance and taste. Available in health food stores and some supermarkets, nationwide.