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If you are like most people, you might think that healthy eating means that all of your family favorites are suddenly off-limits. Perhaps you feel that it must be difficult to make meals that are good tasting AND good for you. Not so, according to Marie Oser, author and newspaper columnist. Making food choices that lead to optimal health and well being has never been easier, if you follow her wholesome approach.

How does the interested cook incorporate truly healthy eating into meal planning? By following The Enlightened Kitchen. This unique weekly column speaks to readers who are looking for ways to enlighten the menu and incorporate health-supporting, and nutritious plant foods into their diet. The Enlightened Kitchen demonstrates ingredients and techniques that produce delicious original dishes that are very low in fat, high in fiber, rich in valuable phytochemicals and completely cholesterol and dairy free! An important feature of this popular column, Notes on Ingredients, not only describes easy to use and widely available ingredients, it also tells consumers where to find them.

Click here to read Marie's columns. And if your local paper doesn't yet carry this column on the cutting edge, be sure to contact them and ask that they do!

The Enlightened Kitchen is available on the Scripps Howard News Wire.